Change of Dates for April/May 2018 Residential School Session

  1. Ministry of General Education announced officially that dates for closing of Teacher
    Education institutions for the First term of the 2018 academic year would be on Friday,
    20th April 2018 and opening of the same for the second term would be Monday, 14th
    May 2018. This means that the first term holiday would be for three (3) weeks.
  2. This development has affected the dates that the college had already informed students
    for holding the April/may residential School session. The change of dates has also
    affected the timetables that had been prepared for End of Academic Year Examinations
    for the first cohort of the Bachelor’s Degree students.
  3. The joint body of Coordinators of Distance Education programmes feel that there is
    urgent need to inform all the concerned students so that they begin adjusting their
    individual programmes in line with the development.
  4. The other issue tabled at the meeting for Coordinators was that of changing the
    schedules so that all students in Diploma programmes at the same time and bachelor’s
    degree students also came at a different time.
  5. As a result, the Joint Body of Coordinators collectively resolved and suggested the

(a)       that 3rd year DDE students together with 2nd year and 1,t year Pre-service DDE
students as well as ICT and Methodology students should report on Sunday,
22nd April 2018 and the last day of the session should be Saturday, 5th May
2018. The suggestion means that the 3rd year DDE students and 2nd year Pre-
service DDE students that are going for the School Experience in term 2 should
have a bit more time (two weeks) to be prepared for the programme.

(b)         that the new cohort of first year Bachelor’s Degree students should come
together with the outgoing l” year cohort of Bachelor’s Degree students that are
coming to sit for First year End of Academic Year Examinations on Sunday, 6th
May and that last day of examinations should be Wednesday, 16th May 2018.

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